The Copper Ore Industry

The Copper Ore Industry

Belterra holds a strong presence in the copper ore industry in British Columbia. In 2018, Canadian mines produced 535,509 tonnes of copper in concentrate, with over half originating from mines in British Columbia. Belterra provides conveying expertise to these operations, assisting customers with selecting and implementing the best conveyor systems for mining copper ore.

Copper ore mining is an aggressive process and demands heavy-duty conveyor belting solutions. There is a high potential for cuts, gouges, and abrasion throughout the process, and it is an industry where quality manufacturers dominate. Generally the large overland conveyor belts in Copper ore are steel cord and custom made to order.  Overland conveying requires specialized input that requires vast knowledge and technical skill, and Belterra prides itself on having one of the best steel cord teams in the world. The team is headed out of Edmonton, Alberta excelling in Steel Cord selection, layup, installation and scanning.  Belterra also has additional steel cord capabilities in the Kamloops and Prince George, British Columbia facilities, where the skilled teams are also fully equipped to handle layup and installation.

Belterra’s expert staff members provide scanning services to monitor the internal condition of our client’s steel cord conveyor belts & splices as well as cover scanning on fabric belts to determine wear and life expectancy. This mitigates risk in these highly demanding environments to ensure reliable conveying and maintain optimum efficiency. Based on the data gathered, our technicians will evaluate the current belt condition and suggest corrective actions as needed.

Due to the sheer size and scale of mining and the equipment involved, there are severe inherent safety risks. The golden rule is slow and steady, ensuring the required time to lay the foundation for safe work with proper, solid planning that safeguards employee and site safety. 

Belterra has very stringent safety requirements and believes pre-planning is essential to ensure adherence. Belterra can create the total execution plan for a client from engineering to installation, which is something Belterra is very proud of.  It’s the best of both worlds.

Working in mining brings a host of safety concerns and throughput challenges. Ensuring you partnered with the right contractors and vendors is crucial. Belterra puts safety first in its values. We understand that promoting a culture of safety throughout all levels of our organization is critical in mitigating risk and certifying the safe, effective, and efficient execution of projects that our customers have come to expect.