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Belterra has provided expert conveyor belt and material flow handling solutions and services across Canada since 1969. Based out of British Columbia, we have 19 locations nationwide to ensure we deliver timely, expert advice whenever and wherever you need.


Belterra spent years fostering trusted relationships with the world’s leading manufacturers. We pride ourselves on having an unmatched selection of high-quality products on hand and available to you from us or our network. Our products can be tailored for use in a variety of industries and a range of needs, including aggregate, wood, pulp and paper, bulk terminals, food processing and agriculture, steel, recycling, package/unit handling, mining, OEMs, and oil and gas.


We represent Canada’s largest distribution network for conveyor belt, components, and bulk material handling solutions. It speaks of our ability to provide turnkey engineered solutions and our intention to contribute as the leading supplier in our sector.


At Belterra, we understand how crucial the integrity of our equipment is to your bottom line, so we stand behind everything we sell with 24/7 emergency service and maintenance. If something goes wrong, we will be there to mitigate the problem and deliver solutions efficiently. Belterra provides the fastest emergency response in the industry, which is backed by our extensive, on-hand product selection and nationwide network of locations.


There’s nothing more important to Belterra than your business.

Belterra Corporation Employee

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