Aggregate & Cement

The rugged aggregate business demands a high-quality product to withstand its tough conditions. We recognize the need for a dependable product and service provider to advise on the right solutions and products that will last in crushing, overland rock conveying, and cement manufacturing.


Belterra offers experience, complete pulley products, and services that will keep your equipment operating at peak performance. When selecting products, we take into consideration high abrasion, cut and gouge resistance, and the ability to handle hot clinker over 400 degrees. We’re also always on top of the latest conveyor technology, enabling us to boost your efficiency.


Belterra selects only the highest quality products from our vast network of premier suppliers across Canada. We are proud to provide special abrasion-resistant compounds, high-impact resistant fabrics, and conveyor products suited to endure the intense working conditions you face every day.

Belterra Corporation Conveyor System

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