Bulk Terminals

Belterra has over 40 years of experience bringing high-performance solutions to the 24/7 operations and high-capacity conveyors found at bulk terminals. Whether unloading or ship-loading, our knowledgeable staff are here to provide trustworthy services and deliver high-quality conveyor products.


We’ve got you covered with a complete line of impact, fire, and oil-resistant belting. We also provide components designed specifically to keep your belts clean and your conveyors running as efficiently as possible.


Our responsive team is ready, day and night, to ensure your operation runs smoothly. We stand behind all of our products, from the highest capacity steel cord belts and enclosed bucket elevators to corrosive bulk material handling conveyors, with the assurance that uptime is maximized and demurrage is kept to a minimum.

Belterra Corporation Mechanical Service

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