When it comes to mining, the high-demand environment leaves no room for error. At Belterra, we have spent years researching and understanding your needs and we appreciate the tough conditions you operate under. Our responsive, 24/7 service is here to keep you operational at all times.


Our experience working with other mining customers helps us ensure we’re providing the heavyweight conveyor belts best suited for your unique application. All of our recommendations are backed by today’s latest technology for cover compounds, fabrics or steel cords, and integrated rip detection systems.


By delivering superior performance, we help you achieve lower cost-per-ton and greater uptime for a wide variety of above- and below-ground applications.


We’ve developed a strong offering of the highest quality products and services to instill confidence that we’ll keep you running. With our leading engineered conveyor product lines, and years of experience, Belterra can provide complete conveyor solutions.

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