Oil & Gas

Canada’s oil sands present some of the most extreme conditions in the industrial world. Belterra knows these rugged demands impact both the productivity and capacity of your operations.


To handle these tough conditions, it is necessary to work with a partner capable of supplying and servicing some of the largest belts, pulleys, idlers, and cleaners found anywhere in the world. Belterra is that partner.


We can handle all the requirements the oil sands demand. We have invested heavily in our equipment and staff training, and we’re confident our people will confirm your operations function at the safest and highest capacity, night and day.


The oil sands create one of the harshest environments to work in, making it of the utmost importance that all conveying systems are kept at peak performance. With Belterra on your team, you can count on us to provide belt and component selection, inspection, installation, and rebuild services, around the clock.

Belterra Corporation Mechanical Service

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