Belterra understands the exceptional demands within the recycling industry. As a partner, we impact your company’s ROI by reducing downtime with your conveyor system. Our expertise and product accessibility enable us to provide quality belts and dependable installation services for MRF, C&D, metal, and glass recycling plants.


Belterra is a one-stop-shop for all your recycling applications. We offer extra-wide, high-speed optical sorting belts for paper and plastic that are custom-fabricated to your project requirements. We also have custom-cleated profiles and configurations, including Eddy Current and Magnetic Separator belts. Our different belt compounds suit various conveying conditions and recycling applications, from abrasion-resistant rubber and PVC belts, to belts with cut-and-gouge resistant urethane covers.


At Belterra, we have the hands-on experience to advise you on the right choice of belt for your application at the right price that will be supplied and installed in a timely manner.

Belterra Corporation Conveyor Belt roll

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