Conveyor Belts

Conveyor Belts

Belterra is Canada’s most trusted provider of conveyor belt products. Our nationwide team is backed by years of experience in a variety of industries, allowing us to provide recommendations from a complete conveyor system perspective. We understand how each product and part works together as a whole and we will help you implement the ones that are ideal for your applications, while improving your overall efficiency and output.


In addition to manufacturing our own Duraline products, a premium all-purpose fabric belt used globally in numerous industries, we partner with trusted belt manufacturers to distribute only the highest quality belts. Belterra is proud to work with Continental, Yokohama, Rema Tip Top, PPI, FlexCo, Joy Global, Habasit, and International Conveyors Ltd.


Every product we select to distribute has made its way through a rigorous testing procedure to ensure it matches our high standards. Over the years, we have proven ourselves to consistently deliver the best belts for every application because of our unmatched selection and availability within our 19 Canada-wide locations.


Heavy Duty Conveyor Belts

Our selection of heavy duty belts is used across Canada in a wide range of industries. We currently serve 10 industries for both above- and below-ground applications.


At Belterra, we appreciate that superior performance enables you to achieve lower cost-per-ton conveyed, therefore we work closely with our partnering manufacturers to ensure these products are made to last. Depending on your specific needs, we have belts designed to handle extreme operating conditions, from high to low temperatures, and long operating hours.  


In addition to belts, we provide a range of services—installation, repair, and maintenance—as well as complementary conveying products.


Preferred partners:

Continental ContiTech USA



Underground Conveyor Belts - PVC

Belterra represents a leading manufacturer of PVC, solid-woven, fire-resistant belts with a proven track record in the potash industry in Canada. These belts are designed primarily for use in underground mining operations and meet the stringent quality and safety assurance standards as defined in CSA M422.


Preferred partners:

International Conveyors Ltd.

Light Weight, Thermoplastic & Specialty Belt

We carry a diverse line-up of leading brands for a range of lightweight belting needs. These products are ideal for solving materials handling challenges in the automotive, food, grain, industrial, logistic, material handling, and packaging industries.


Our access to these diverse products allows us to provide engineering and technical support, and to coordinate execution of solutions with safety, quality, and performance in mind.


Our goal is to provide the optimal solution for our customers at the lowest total cost. We are able to do so by leveraging our supplier network, our field technical support, application experience, inventories, and 24/7 installation capabilities.


Preferred partners:

Continental ContiTech USA





Customized Belt Fabrication

Belterra is committed to being your first stop for reliable conveyor solutions. A key part of that offering is to utilize our expertise to provide customized solutions that meet your every need.


Access to our robust internal and external network allows us to provide customized fabricated conveyor solutions for the cement, construction, recycling, agricultural, mining, material handling, steel, airport, printing and wood finishing industries.


If we can’t find a solution that fits your needs, we will do what it takes to manufacture a customized solution, possibly by investing in additional equipment as we have done for customers in the past.

Elevator Belt

Belterra’s proven quality conveyor belts operate on grain elevators and in food processing plants across Canada. We stand behind each belt’s durable construction and offer punching solutions to meet any design challenge you are facing.


With 19 locations across Canada, it allows for increased product availability and delivery, so we can provide prompt service for your conveying and elevator belting needs. Our service is backed by the largest stock of Conti-Tech Grain Belts in the nation to ensure you are always moving forward.


Belterra is your one-stop-shop since we also provide fasteners, hardware, and buckets.


Preferred partners:

Continental ContiTech USA

Modular Plastic

Belterra has extensive experience with the application and installation of modular plastic belting across Canada and numerous industries.


We have partnered with the leading manufacturers of modular plastic belts to ensure only the highest quality products are reaching our customers. From a design perspective, the belts we carry are exceptionally strong, driven and tracked by plastic sprockets.


As a means of safeguarding your operations, we have invested in support inventories, so replacement products are always readily available when you need.




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