Conveyor Components & Accessories

Conveyor Components & Accessories

Backed by years of experience and industry expertise, our unmatched product selection and availability goes well beyond conveyor belts. Belterra has access to a near endless supply of conveyor components and accessories that keep your conveyor system in top, operational shape—reducing component failure.

With everything on hand from fasteners to cleaning systems, back-stops, and pulleys, we can advise on, and deliver the precise parts you need to avoid costly downtime. We stand firmly behind the performance of every part we carry because we select only the highest quality, most reliable equipment.


Belt Fasteners & Tools

We offer a wide array of conveyor belt fastening solutions that are designed for use in both lightweight and high-strength belting applications. We leverage our experience and ability to get to the root of your need before recommending the right fastener for the job.

Belterra has access to every proven tool required to install and maintain conveyor belts. On the occasion when we don’t have the right tool, our engineering team will help design a solution.

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Belt Cleaning and Tracking Systems

Belterra’s Solutions Specialists have access to the widest range of conveyor belt cleaners from the most trusted brands. With over 40 years of industry experience, we can recommend, supply, install, and maintain the correct solution that will eliminate fugitive material and increase conveyor uptime.

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Martin ENG

Pulleys, Idlers and Take-ups


Conveyor pulleys play a critical role in supporting and moving a conveyor belt. Belterra’s team of Solution Specialists is trained to recognize potential issues that may lead to conveyor downtime and offer proactive solutions that avoid component failure. Our pulley repair capabilities and partnerships with global leaders in conveyor pulleys enable us to supply and maintain the largest engineered pulleys to food grade and package handling pulley assets.


Belterra understands that failed or poor functioning conveyor idlers can cause significant problems with the performance of your conveyor systems. Through our extensive supply network, Belterra has access to CEMA standard idlers and specialty composite products to suit every application.

Our team is standing by with a supply of standard and specialty rolls to solve the toughest issues and provide the longest life possible. We also provide installation and inventory services, as required.


A properly maintained and designed take-up system is critical to the longevity of any conveyor belt. Too little tension can cause belt slippage and too much tension can cause significant belt damage.

Belterra staff members are trained to inspect manual and gravity take-up systems to ensure proper functionality. Our team has extensive experience repairing, supplying new, and rating systems currently in place.

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Martin Sprocket


Komatsu (Joy Global)

Lorbrand Composites

Conveyor Controls and Safety Solutions


Back-stops play a critical safety role in preventing inclined conveyors from rolling backwards when stopped.

Our commitment to safety ensures our team is trained to inspect installed backstops or select and supply new parts to ensure your conveyor runs correctly and safely.


Pull cord switches are conveyor safety accessories designed to shut down systems in the event of maintenance or emergency.

Belterra Solution Specialists inspect and supply new components to ensure pull cord switches are functioning properly, safely, and conform to CSA standards.


Belt conveyor scales continuously measure the materials moving along them. This high degree of wear means that conveyor scale systems must be regularly maintained to ensure they are working correctly.

Belterra’s years of experience have given us the ability to confirm components are installed correctly, properly calibrated, and maintained.


The mechanical rip detection systems, supplied by Belterra, have the ability to detect a potentially catastrophic belt failure before it happens. These systems are easy to retrofit into any conveyor to detect splice failures or holes. This makes it possible for you to act proactively and avoid costly downtime.


At Belterra, we don’t compromise when it comes to safety. We know that conveyors can be one of the most dangerous pieces of equipment on your site that are responsible for more tonnage and higher speeds than anything else.

We offer complete, site-wide guarding audits, as well as the supply and installation of safety guards. Our professional technicians stay up-to-date on the latest workplace safety rules to ensure your guards conform to the highest standards.

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Bulk Pro Systems


Continental ContiTech USA

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