Transfer Point Solutions

Transfer Point Solutions

Transfer points are vitally important to the life of your overall conveyor system and the productivity of your operation. An efficiently designed system will eliminate loss of products and improve overall profitability.


Belterra’s team has the practical experience and product knowledge to offer valuable solutions and advice on improvements that can lengthen the life of your system. Our maintenance and premium quality products keep your systems running efficiently for years. Should there be a breakdown, we are standing by, ready to provide the service and parts that will get you moving again.


Lining & Sheet Rubber

Lining and sheet rubber solutions are integral to transfer point solutions. Belterra’s Solution Specialists have a proven track record of delivering recommendations to solve the toughest transfer point wear, impact, and dust containment issues.


Our experienced service technicians will also manage the installation, ongoing monitoring, and maintenance of any implemented solution.


Preferred partners:

Rema Tip Top

American Biltrite


Rubber Source

Shaw Almex


Impact Beds

Impact beds play a crucial role in supporting the belt during conveyor loading. As a result, selecting the proper impact bed is crucial for both the longevity of that bed as well as the belt itself.


Belterra’s Solution Specialists have the knowledge and field experience to scope, recommend, and supply the correct impact beds from a leading manufacturer for any conveyor system.


Preferred partners:

Martin Eng

Flow Aid Products - (Vibrators / Air Canons / Rail Car Unloading)

Conveyor belt flow can be substantially impacted by changes in the material properties or an increase in production. If material is now flowing as planned it can mean delays and even downtime.


Belterra’s staff are skilled in identifying problem areas and selecting the correct vibration or air cannon solution to ensure production stays on track.


Preferred partners:

Martin Eng

Dust Control / Suppression

Dust management is an ever-present problem and an important aspect in workplace safety.


The Belterra team is experienced in properly designing, installing, and maintaining dust suppression to minimize leakage. Our expert staff take a full system approach towards conveyor systems to ensure proper containment and overall efficiency. This means that dust control must be deployed in several areas to be successful.


Preferred partners:

Martin Eng

Hoods / Covers

Nature’s elements can be one of the greatest risks to your productivity. It is crucial to keep materials out of the rain and wind to prevent degradation and spillage.


Belterra maintains a vast supply chain, which makes it possible for us to quickly and easily select and supply the correct size, design, and materials for your conveyor hoods and covers.


Preferred partners:


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