With a strong focus on maintenance, reliability, and productivity, our Mechanical Service division is a team of professional tradespeople who understand how your conveyor components interact and impact the overall system.

The quality of your operations and the life expectancy of your equipment are directly related to maintenance consistency. At Belterra, we operate a proactive maintenance program to ensure your products operate at peak performance.

Belterra’s engineering team designs and builds comprehensive projects that are often coupled with our field services enabling end users access to full turnkey solutions.

Whether you require industrial hoses and fittings that can handle high pressure, high heat, or withstand other tough demands, we have a solution to meet your needs.


Make Us Your First Call

Downtime is one of the largest threats to profitability. With Belterra, Canada’s leading single-source conveyor service provider, you can work with confidence.


We will work with you to ensure you have the products that best suit your unique needs, then we follow up with regular service to maintain the longest lifetime of your equipment.


From product recommendations to complete conveyor belt installation, and ongoing support, to 24/7 emergency services, we’re standing by to ensure you hit every target.


Our proactive maintenance programs ensure operational consistency, energy efficiency, maximum conveyor uptime, and environmental integrity. From belt installations, conveyor alignment and repairs, pulley lagging, and rubber lining, service has grown to be the cornerstone of our business.