Design Build Installations

Design Build Installations (Turnkey Project Solutions)

Belterra’s proven methods and experience produce successful projects and repeat clients. Our industry experience and many nationwide suppliers and partnerships help us provide complete and detailed design solutions that can be fabricated and installed. We will produce a budget for your project that matches your expected scope as well as issuing a descriptive, detailed proposal to you.


Our team gets out in the field to observe and discuss systems with plant personnel, which enhances our ability to redesign and upgrade systems and belt installation equipment. You can trust that we look at the entire system in an effort to address operational issues, including the material flow within the chute, dust, belt centre loading, and maintainability.


We focus on the details of both the design and the project as a whole while engaging with you during all phases of the job, including project kickoff, design reviews, fabrication visits, field installation, and start-up. Design meetings are held on a regular basis, as mutually agreed, in an effort to engage you in the process and facilitate approval of the design, before fabrication, supply, and installation of the solution take place.


Transfer Points

Belterra is very thorough in our research of projects and systems. We base our re-designs, upgraded chutes, and transfer points on field observations, discussions with plant personnel, and industry experience. We look not only at the chute, but the entire transfer system, to address the system’s operational issues that can include issues with dust, material containment, material flow, loading, and wear.


We understand the importance of a properly designed chute, since it can ease the burden on all other associated equipment. Our intentional design creates immediate benefits, such as minimized wear on chute walls, reduced dust generation and material degradation, as well as materials centred on the receiving belt. Further benefits include longer chute life, less wear on belt support systems, and improved belt tracking.


Our process uses multiple conditions and flow rates to lay out the transfers and simulate material flow through the transfers to eliminate any “field fit” or trimming that slows the installation phase. This design process includes DEM reviews, 3D models, model checks, and drawing checks to minimize fabrication errors and installation obstacles, resulting in impressive functionality, installation, and assembly activities as well.

Conveyor System Modifications

Due to the current economic conditions in Canada, many end-users have less capital to purchase new equipment. In light of this, some operators still need to modify existing systems in order to meet their increased their production requirements that, in most cases, exceed the original design capacity. This is where Belterra, with almost 50 years of experience, can lead your project improvement plan and deliver a turnkey solution addressing any conveyor system gaps. We will provide an improved system that allows you to reliably move product and meet your production plan.

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