Conveyor Maintenance & Emergency Services

Conveyor Maintenance & Emergency Services

The quality of your operations and the life expectancy of your equipment are directly related to maintenance consistency. At Belterra, we operate a proactive maintenance program to ensure your products operate at peak performance. By thinking ahead when it comes to maintenance and potential component failure, we can mitigate problems before they arise, saving you from costly downtime and delays.

Our exhaustive knowledge of bulk material handling systems enables us to act quickly, suggest and execute valuable maintenance, and problem solve when issues do arise. Our product selection and availability mean we rapidly respond in the case of breakdown to get you up and running faster than anyone else.

Belterra stands firmly behind all products we provide. With multiple locations across Canada, we are nearby and ready to jump into action to solve any issue you face. With Belterra, you can count on:

  • Lower costs per ton
  • More material through-put
  • Reduced downtime or unplanned outages
  • Measurable health and safety improvements
  • More efficient use of your facility staff time

Conveyor Belt Installation & Repair

Belterra is the leading provider of planning, supervision, and quality control for small and large conveyor belt installations. Our team has installed and replaced conveyor belts on some of the most challenging conveyor systems in the world.

We take great pride in providing belt installation and operational expertise that results in cost savings for our material handling customers. Our continuous improvement in the application of conveyor belt technology allows us to deliver engineering and field expertise regardless of the technical difficulty or location.

Belterra cuts maintenance downtime by creating the highest coefficient of friction possible to reduce belt wear. This enables our customers to avoid the over-tensioning of belts, which can lead to other maintenance problems such as damaged pulleys, shortened belt life, and failed mechanical or vulcanized splices. We are equipped to install lagging on site without removing the pulley, thus greatly reducing costly downtime.

Rubber Lining Installation & Repair

At Belterra, we leverage our team’s decades’ worth of experience in the coating industry to be your total wear solutions provider. Our solutions range from hot vulcanized to cold bond applications that use a wide range of rubber compounds.

We are flexible to accommodate your schedule and needs by lining components right in our shop, but can also install rubber lining in the field. Our knowledgeable field services team members are always ready to support your installation items in need of a wear solution, including tanks, chutes, hoppers, pump boxes, ball mills, and more.

Belterra is also able to supply and install ceramic tiles, epoxy high-build ceramics, and polyuria for your latest project. Our Solution Specialists are experienced advisors who survey process systems in an effort to identify areas of high wear, meaning clients can proactively plan maintenance and minimize downtime.

Technical Advisory Services

  • Material Handling System Audits & Analysis
  • General Conveyor Audit
  • Maintenance Inspections
  • Conveyor Belt Scanning / Condition Monitoring
  • Conveyor Belt Design / Application Review 
  • Training

Pulley Repair

Belterra is a trusted industry partner that ensures your conveyor pulleys operate correctly and safely to ensure maximum conveyor uptime. In addition to being a world-class product supplier, Belterra has a complete range of services that include field inspection, re-lagging, complete disassembly, inspection, pulley optimization, and critical spare standardization services.

You can rely on Belterra’s Solution Specialists, who are well-trained to inspect pulleys installed on conveyors in search of possible problems that range from lagging wear and delamination to hub or bearing failure. Our team can also re-lag pulleys in place, reducing expensive replacement costs and downtime.

We offer complete pulley refurbishment services throughout Canada consisting of disassembly, visual and non-destructive testing, re-lagging, and reassembly of the shaft and bearings.

Our experienced Solution Specialists can run through your systems to measure and catalogue all your pulleys, based on critical dimensions and tensions. We do this on-site to lower your inventory costs since pulley standardization and optimization will dramatically reduce the required critical spares you’ll need.

Mechanical Maintenance & Repair

Belterra is committed to improving bulk materials handling through every service and product we offer. Our mechanical and maintenance staff are fully equipped to offer sound, economic solutions that boost productivity and increase profitability.

With our broad resources and expertise in material handling, we are fully equipped to solve your problems including rebuilding transfer points and dust containment. We also offer solutions to control airborne materials by installing and maintaining the proper cleaning system for your application.

Preventative maintenance maximizes uptime and throughput, increases safety, and improves cost management.

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