Technical Advisory

Technical Advisory Services

Belterra’s advisory services are centred on the goals of improving your reliability and total cost of ownership. With almost 50 years’ of experience, our team can proactively recommend improvements that typically involve redesign, installation, and ongoing monitoring of your equipment. We also offer system inspection and reporting services. From a technical advisory standpoint, Belterra is your single-source solution for trusted consultative support on anything related to a material handling system.


Material Handling System Audits & Analysis

Belterra has decades’ worth of experience in material handling systems, which include transfer points from one system to another. When needed, we can provide experienced advisory services where we look at your entire material handling process and audit each area—conveyor belt and support framework, components (idlers and pulleys), transfer points, and air cannons—to provide improvement recommendations.

General Conveyor Audit

Belterra’s highly skilled and knowledgeable staff understand component interactions and will perform an audit to gather baseline information and document any issues with your conveying system components. Our efficient processes make the inspection data immediately available for our maintenance and reliability teams that will generate improvements in your conveyor operation and ultimately reduce your costs. Inspections lead to cost-effective solutions, increasing equipment availability and reliability. This audit enables short- and long-term solutions and recommendations to be identified on a priority basis, saving you money, time and worry.


When Belterra performs a planned General Conveyor Audit, you can expect a complete conveyor inspection that supports any specialized equipment inspection service; a review followed by monitoring of the condition of key components; areas highlighted where immediate threats were identified.


During our Conveyor Condition Reporting, we will make recommendations for mitigation, supply additional information, recommend long-range planning, and determine some cost-management/reduction opportunities


Our team will log the condition of each component into our component condition database during every inspection. “Bad actors” will be identified and reliability improvements will be tracked.

Maintenance Inspections

Key services performed at Belterra by highly skilled and knowledgeable staff include Planned Conveyor Inspections and Specialized Conveyor Maintenance, which improve equipment reliability and availability. We understand component interactions and will assist your maintenance and reliability personnel with their conveyor management systems. Our inspection data helps reduce your production costs as it is immediately available for maintenance and reliability teams to review. Our inspections lead to cost-effective solutions, increased equipment availability and reliability, combined with improvements to your conveyor operation, which reduce your overall costs.


Our advisory services include short- and long-term solutions and recommendations that are identified on a priority basis.

Conveyor Belt Scanning / Condition Monitoring

For almost 50 years, Belterra has provided conveyor belt monitoring systems and services in some of the toughest and most demanding applications within Canada. Our expert staff members use and apply proven equipment for projects that monitor the condition of steel cords, fabric, and cover thickness. Our team interprets the data gathered from the conveyor belt monitoring to accurately define your current belt condition and recommend any corrective actions needed to ensure the continuous and reliable movement of product on your conveyor system.

Conveyor Belt Design / Application Review

Belterra stays engaged with our customers across Canada by regularly reviewing systems we’ve installed. We do this with the understanding that over time, operating conditions change and need a re-assessment to determine if the active conveyor belt still fits the specifications required for its current application.


Our team has the experience to review your system in its current state while gathering necessary data inputs to put into our conveyor design program. The data we gather determines whether your operating conveyor belt will deliver the required performance and reliability you expect. Our approach and testing are unique and our many years of experience allow for a deep understanding of how to modify system design inputs to reflect real life behaviours and outcomes.


Our extensive product inventory and multiple locations across Canada help in cases where you need a special belt specification to accommodate system changes within your operations. Belterra always has the right product fit for you and a network of suppliers that can reliably design the appropriate conveyor belt to suit the application.


Belterra provides timely, material-handling-related training that takes into consideration today’s rapidly evolving workplace. Our structured and relevant employee training program can be customized to your unique requirements and industry, benefitting both your company and employees.


The benefits of partnering with Belterra for training include opportunities for your employees to acquire new skills, increase their business contribution, and build their self-esteem. Investing in your employees’ training shows them they are valued which, in turn, improves employee satisfaction and morale. Belterra understands this is an investment for you and therefore, the training needs to be properly structured. Effective results can produce financial gain, increase process efficiencies, enhance safety measures, and reduce employee turnover and absenteeism.


From simple Lunch ‘n’ Learn training sessions and workshops, to full-day, in-depth seminars, Belterra has you covered. We are well-positioned—with the support from our leading-edge suppliers—to provide the quality and depth of training that translates into enhanced skill sets for employees with measurable and tangible benefits to your company.


Some of our most popular full-day seminars include:


  1. The Martin Foundations™ Operations & Maintenance Seminar

This seminar is intended for operations and maintenance personnel who are charged with working on and around belt conveyors, and for the supervisors and managers of these personnel. The workshop is well-suited for 10-30 participants with varied job responsibilities and levels of experience. Topics include:

  • The Importance of Bulk Material Handling
  • Conveyor Safety
  • Belting: Characteristics and Life Preservation
  • Belt Tracking
  • Belt Cleaning
  • Transfer Points & Loading Zones
  • Basic Dust Management
  • Return on Investment (ROI) in Conveyor Improvements


  1. Advanced Engineering & Design Training

This one-day program (6-8 hours) focuses on improving belt-conveyor operations and justifying the investment in systems to reduce fugitive material, control dust, extend component life and improve the performance of both conveyor systems and plant personnel.


  1. Advanced Conveyor Safety Training

This one-day industry leading course provides insight on how to design, build, maintain, and operate conveyors to lower safety risks for plant personnel and equipment. It focuses on the financial techniques to use that will unlock huge cost savings that can be invested in safety-related projects.


Contact Belterra today and inquire further on how we can help you customize a material handling training program that works for your company, your people, and is centred on your unique production requirements and demands.

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